Restructuring&Turnaround Advisory

Restructuring&Turnaround Advisory

In certain phases of a company's life, situations of revenue shortfall or critical financial factors may occur, and it may be necessary to review the business, recover margins and deal with situations of decline and pre-crisis, as a result of which the enterprise and its management have to reassess the health of the company and prepare for a possible crisis. In situations of this kind, it is necessary to review the strategy and organisational factors suitably in advance with a view to restoring balance, which may involve the need to reach debt restructuring agreements with the banking system.

In worst case crisis scenarios, it becomes necessary to adopt the right approach to ensure the continuity of the enterprise as a going concern, safeguard the creditors and prevent, avoid or limit any liability on the part of the enterprise owner, company bodies and management.

In situations of this kind, Cortellazzo&Soatto assists the company owners and management with the health diagnosis and in reaching an understanding of the causes of the crisis, with the identification of the actions necessary to eliminate or reduce management/financial inefficiency and draft strategic, industrial, financial and economic recovery plans. If the recovery process involves the need for debt restructuring agreements, our professionals assist the client with the negotiation of the agreement and the subsequent monitoring of the results and the supply of information to the banking system, acting as loan agents.

These are our services:

  • Company health assessments
  • Industrial and financial crisis solution strategies
  • Industrial, financial and legal advisory services
  • Loan agent