Business Consulting

Business Consulting

The growing complexity of the contemporary business environment (changing market contexts, increasingly stringent competitive dynamics, rapid technological evolution, difficulties in gaining access to funding in an ongoing credit squeeze situation) makes it essential to review the business models, internal organisation and corporate management in general, if an enterprise is to grasp the opportunities arising on the market in the most effective manner.

Competition, growth and value creation go hand in hand with the ability to express organisational models and management planning and control tools capable of identifying and measuring the key business factors that guide the development, because a company can not plan and control what it can not measure and understand.

With many years of experience in these areas, the specialist teams at Cortellazzo&Soatto assist the companies and their management with the implementation and constant monitoring of the most evolved management systems, management control models and costing processes, including the selection of the most appropriate management software applications to support business processes (software selection). We also assist our clients with reviews of their business models and operating mechanisms for the strategic, industrial and financial planning processes (business plans), through an understanding of the rapidly developing dynamics in the reference sector, competitive positioning, risk management models and incentive plans.

Alongside our knowledge and experience built up over the years with companies operating in a wide range of industrial, commercial and service environments, we also have the most sophisticated and up-to-date databases at our disposal, giving us real time access to quality and quantity information on the sectors and competitive scenarios of relevance to our clients.

These are our services:

  • Process organisation and re-engineering systems
  • Analytical accounting systems
  • Management planning and control systems
  • Strategic planning and business models
  • Business plans
  • Benchmark analysis and competitive positioning
  • Risk management
  • Incentive plans
  • Managerial selection
  • Software selection