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in this section, complementary to the privacy policy – Cortellazzo&Soatto, a Professional Association of Chartered Accountants and Lawyers, with its premises in Padua, Via Porciglia 14, intends to describe the overall function and the main purposes of its website, in its present configuration, as well as the basic access and surfing conditions, unprejudiced any possible future operative growth, for the benefit of whoever wishes to connect to and interact with said tool, by linking up with the relevant web pages and making free use of the offered opportunities.

For the time being this website may be used solely for the purposes of reading, examining and voluntary consulting its contents and various material present in its web pages; the public area is open to anybody, free of charge and with no obligation. Conversely, some specific contents are only accessible and at the disposal of those who, by means of an appropriate recording procedure, intend to enable as qualified users; further functions and applications (c.v. forwarding, forums, etc…), at present non existing, may be implemented later, of which information will be given.

Since the activation and maintenance of this website do not consist, in no circumstances, in the practicing of professional activity, nor the same constituting a completion of the Client’s files in progress or of the advice/aid services carried out for the same on a valuable and consideration basis, Cortellazzo&Soatto does not assume and therefore denies every and any civil, penal and administrative responsibility for possible errors, imprecisions, deficiencies and omissions which may be discovered in the published contents, should they derive from careless slip-ups or typographical, data imputing, editing, formatting or scanning errors, as well as to personal considerations, expressed opinions, translations, erroneous instructions or signaling or information and similar.

To register and in any case to connect and benefit from the website of Cortellazzo&Soatto it is necessary that the user should accept and keep in consideration the following General use conditions of the website, and subscribe, where necessary, the consent relevant to the treating of his/her personal data, after having carefully examined the informative according to the Legislative Decree No. 196/2003.




  1. Ownership, Contents of the website, Copyright and Registered Trademarks

The website and the whole of its contents, such as trademarks, logos, icons, texts, etc. are owned exclusively by Cortellazzo&Soatto, Professional Association of Chartered Accountants and Lawyers, or by the third parties which supply to such Association services and material to be published. Said graphical and/or textual contents are protected by the Italian and International laws on copyright. The website of Cortellazzo&Soatto and the concerning contents cannot be, even partially, copied, reproduced, distributed, disclosed, communicated, assigned by no right, transferred or modified, without the express written authorization, complying with the applicable laws and regulations, by the party entitled.

This website could contain links not run by Cortellazzo&Soatto, offered just as simple reference, for the contents of which no responsibility, guarantee nor release of liability is taken.


  1. Use of the website of Cortellazzo&Soatto

The website of Cortellazzo&Soatto can in no way be used by the User for purposes differing from those stated in the Preamble or implicitly inbred and resulting from the contents of the published deeds and material.

In particular it is forbidden to reproduce, modify, duplicate, copy, distribute, sell or in any case exploit the website for commercial or - more generally speaking - economical purposes.

Printing and downloading copy of the material contained in the website is allowed only for personal use and non-remunerative scopes. Unauthorized use of the website and of the material therein contained constitutes infringement of intellectual property rights.

The user undertakes to preserve all indications on trademarks and copyright contained in the material that has been downloaded or copied. The use of that information, data and material is forbidden on any other website safe in case of an express written authorization by Cortellazzo&Soatto or by others entitled to the right, when being a different subject.


  1. Age and Responsibility of the User

The User who intends to register himself on this website must be of age according to the laws of his citizenship and undertakes to indicate exclusively his personal data, guaranteeing them to be truthful, correct and updated. The User acknowledges of being held personally responsible for any use he makes of the website or for the use made by who, by registering on it, may unlawfully use his personal data. Cortellazzo&Soatto reserves itself at any time to verify the conformity of the above said about registrations applied to this website, deleting and disabling without delay those resulting in other forms.


  1. Limitation of Responsibility

As regards the Preambles, Cortellazzo&Soatto, on equal terms as to each Professional being part of the relevant Association, shall not be held responsible for damages of any nature resulting from the use by the Users of the website, including direct, indirect, accidental and consequential damage, should they be material, biological, moral or existential.


  1. Amendments and Communications

Cortellazzo&Soatto reserves itself the right of altering at any time the layout and contents of the website, as well as these directions for use, in respect of the applicable rules of law and professional ethics.