Cortellazzo & Soatto

For over 50 years Cortellazzo&Soatto has been synonymous with professionalism and reliability.

With wisdom and effectiveness we combine our long history in the fields of legal and financial consulting with a vision open to innovation and to the evolution of the economic and social fabric, being able to rely on professionals with high specialist skills and multidisciplinary teams of accountants and lawyers. We place our network of relationships built up within the territory in the course of the years at the disposal of our clients.

We help you keep pace with change in a complex, dynamic world subject to significant and sudden transformations. We guarantee a global, evolved consultancy service based on our ability to anticipate phenomena and support you in your strategic decisions and in creating new business models, as in the search for new markets, acting as an effective interface with the financial system.

We offer support with your growth and strategic innovation, generational transition, aggregation, enhancement of intangible assets, international development, and the safeguarding and management of family assets.


No history can be stronger than one that helps build the future.

Cortellazzo&Soatto was founded in Padua in 1967 as a professional partnership created by Antonio Cortellazzo and Renzo Soatto. In the course of the years, building on the vision of our founders, we have progressively extended our activities and partnership base, welcoming professionals with different backgrounds and experience.

We now have a team of more than 60 people, including chartered accountants, solicitors and other highly qualified professionals, each contributing their various skills and working together with a multidisciplinary approach.

We are a solid, close-knit team, which has grown over the years to offer constantly updated skills in a wide range of sectors and areas of targeted consultancy, from the most traditional to the most evolved and innovative, backed up by our membership of major national and international networks.

We combine ethics, confidentiality and integrity with our skills and professionalism day after day. This unique union represents the key of our strength and the distinctive hallmark our operations, making us a safe and reliable partner for over five decades.


We make a point of interpreting change with a view to helping you deal with it.

Our mission is to offer all-round targeted responses and concrete solutions. From tax consultancy and dispute management, to internal expansion, strategic and management consultancy, organisational and corporate finance advisory services, assistance in the area of public-private partnerships, legal, economic and financial consultancy on recovery and turnaround processes, and legal, judicial and out of court assistance in the areas of commercial and tax law.

Committed to ongoing evolution, we are guided by our broad, innovative vision, which enables us to understand and interpret change and build up a system of networks within the territory, in response to and to sustain the needs of our clients, with a focus on generating new connections and synergies. We work, with the same attention to detail and professionalism, alongside important corporate groups and small to medium companies, to assist and back them up as they grow and develop.

We currently provide consultancy services to more than 300 enterprises, ranging from small to medium companies to groups operating in such different industries as fashion, food and beverage, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, construction, IT/ICT, tourism and accommodation, health and healthcare, energy and utilities, among many others.

Our clients also include entities and institutions, foundations and associations and private individuals.

organisation and structure

Our team consists of more than 60 people who share the common goals of offering quality and skills to our clients.

Our highly skilled teams operate in specialist professional areas as a synergistic, integrated whole, aimed at guaranteeing high levels of flexibility and a prompt response to the needs of our clients.

The international organisation is structured into functional areas which guarantee operating efficiency in the day-to-day management of our clients' needs in areas such as:

  • Human resources
  • Administration, finance and control
  • Communications and marketing
  • IT systems
  • Secretarial


Our organisational structure comprises 16 partners with diversified and complementary specialist skills. Cortellazzo&Soatto is governed by a management board made up of a group of partners whose roles alternate every three years.

Network and partnership

In the heart of north eastern Italy and at the centre of a network of relations, to guarantee a broad, global vision.

We offer specialist assistance throughout Italy and in the world's leading countries, through our membership of major national and international networks and associations, including ACB Group, Inpact International, Lawpact, Fedifin, Acova, Associazione nazionale Tributaristi and Les-Italy.

We have set up several partnership and collaboration agreements with various local operators, including Unismart Padova Enterprise, a special company within the University of Padua, the Department of Management at Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Inter-universities Master in Technology & Design Strategy Innovation and SIF-Strategy Innovation Forum).

We support various local entities and projects in social, medical, scientific and sporting initiatives, in the conviction that it is important to make a contribution to social responsibility within the community, in addition to our corporate involvement. These include: Fondazione Biomedica avanzata/VIMM-Istituto Veneto di Medicina Molecolare, Medici con l’Africa Cuamm, Città della speranza, Petrarca Rugby.