Social innovation

Social innovation

Environmental protection, respect for human rights and the promotion of sustainable development have become key factors in economic practice and within many enterprises. These are acknowledged not only as elements of corporate responsibility but also as genuine levers of company competitiveness and growth, with an ever-increasing capacity to attract quality investments (impact investing).

Innovation is more than just a matter of new products and consumer goods, and regards not only the digital/technological dimension, if we consider that a considerable part of what we may define as disruptive innovation constitutes social innovation.

The definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is backed up by and of necessity integrated with the need to guarantee profit and economic and financial balance in the course of time. It is therefore necessary to consider strategic planning and traditional reporting instruments in the light of the social and environmental dimensions of the business conducted and actions undertaken. In this sense, the social, environmental and sustainable balances take on increasing significance, as they are sources of the additional information needed to assess the company, its objectives and its observance of ethical principals in the interests of society as a whole.

Cortellazzo&Soatto has specialist teams of dedicated professionals who are able to assist company management in defining their social innovation strategies in a sustainable and responsible way and implementing financial and non-financial planning and reporting systems aimed at creating value for the shareholders and the company as a whole.

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