Innovative start-ups

Innovative start-ups

Innovation and high technological value are two of the key factors that can bring about the success of a new business initiative. But those factors alone are not enough - in developing their strategies, companies also have to identify the best way of implementing them and selecting their ideal partners. The more promoters the new company has, the more important it becomes to clearly define the relations between them, with a view to preventing future conflicts, among other factors.

It is equally important to identify the possible relief on taxes and contribution to which traditional and innovative start-ups may be entitled (where these latter can be defined as oriented towards the development, production and marketing of innovative, high technological value products and services), and take these into account when setting up the company structure.

Cortellazzo&Soatto places a team of multidisciplinary specialists at the disposal of start-up companies, with the corporate, economic, financial and legal skills necessary to assist them in defining their strategic guidelines and governance rules, and in the organisation of the relations between the promoting partners and the drafting of the business plan. We assist entrepreneurs in the preliminary study and incorporation phases,including the definition of the most relevant corporate and tax aspects and supporting them, even during road-show initiatives, in the search and selection of strategic, financial and/or industrial partners.

These are our services:

  • Support in defining the governance rules
  • Tax & Legal
  • Support in defining the strategic guidelines and drafting the business plan
  • Search for and selection of financial stakeholders and organisation of the relations between the promoting partners