The 21st century digitalisation process is a key indicator in the continuous to discrete transformation of values, by offering the possibility of processing the same value in an automated way, with significant advantages in terms of timing, costs and, above all, human labour. This scenario is bringing about major structural changes in many and varied business models, by sustaining a very high speed of technological development at global level.

It is vital for companies to grasp the opportunity to automate their processes and process information automatically, as this makes them more competitive and renders their business models more innovative. 

If a company has to keep pace with change, it has to take full advantage of the digital potential of its products and services to enable them to emerge and develop and govern them in such a way that they can take part in systems based wholly or partially on digital logic. The sale models are based on increasingly global eBusiness technological platforms, tax compliance correlated with e-billing flows, eProcurement process performance and reliable trust services.

Cortellazzo&Soatto has been investing and operating in these areas for many years, through its specialist, interdisciplinary teams made up of experts in a wide range of company, tax and finance environments. Our strong point is our ability to work with companies of varying dimensions, from start-ups to small to medium enterprises and multinational corporations.

With our concrete, pragmatic approach, we assist the companies in implementing models and solutions based on consolidated best practices, with the reverse engineering of digital processes to enable the companies to interpret advancing innovation, govern ongoing change and develop new business strategies and models.

These are our services:

  • eBusiness
  • Digital process engineering
  • e-billing