Internal control systems

Internal control systems

Today's companies find themselves operating in an increasingly complex, competitive world, where the mitigation of a multiplicity of risks is a key strategic variable in the creation and safeguarding of the company value and assets.

Within this context, the Italian and European legislators have been working for some time to ensure that the companies adopt organisational, administrative and accounting models and suitable internal control procedures to guarantee effective and efficient corporate management. The primary objective is to prevent and monitor the many risks generated by the economic and social context within which companies operate.

It is clear from the provisions added to the civil code in recent years - such as the duties and responsibilities of the company bodies regarding the financial statements, the special privacy and anti-money laundering regulations and the administrative liability of entities introduced by Legislative Decree 231/2001 - that a need has been created for virtuous conduct within the organisation of company management and control systems.

With the wide range of specialist professional skills at its disposal, Cortellazzo&Soatto assists the enterprise and its management in all the activities aimed at the most effective management of the risks linked to compliance, including the definition of the processes for the prevention of breaches of rules, regulations and standards which could lead to penalties, operating losses, damage to the company reputation and partial or total banning orders.

We offer assistance to professionals and companies with the procedures necessary for the application of EU regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data and the related inspections and certifications, opinions and procedural support on the anti-money laundering regulations, and consultancy on prevention and the administrative liability of entities, for which purpose we also offer training courses and conventions.

The professionals at Cortellazzo&Soatto also place their experience and specialist skills at the service of the companies by taking on independent directorships within the company governing bodies and acting as members of the board of auditors and supervisory bodies.

These are our services:

  • Corporate compliance
  • Privacy
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Membership of boards of directors and control bodies
  • Organisation models pursuant to legislative decree 231/01